Clinton: ‘Assad must respond to demands of his people’

7, May, 2011

“The Syrian government must respond to the Syrian people’s call for change,” Clinton said in a statement.

Oh goody, the re-election campaign is now in Syria.

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Severiano Ballesteros — 1957-2011

7, May, 2011

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Jim ‘Mad Dog’ Mandich — Former Miami Dolphin And Friend To All.

27, April, 2011

This hurts.

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Obama’s Passover “Nudge”: It’s All About The Peace Lovers

18, April, 2011

He may as well have sang the song……

Oh, give Allah a home where the Peace Lovers roam,
Where Hamas and Hizbollah play;
Where never is heard an infidel word,
And The Jews are murdered all day.

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