No More “Mr. Nice Guy”.

23, May, 2015


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“For the Saudis the moment has come.”

17, May, 2015

Sheik Yerbouti has a few Riyals burnin’ a hole in his pocket.

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“Angel Of Peace”

16, May, 2015

There’s prophecy involved here, that this current guy will be the last Pope – as in done, gone, end of church, etc.

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“If we’re nice to them, they’ll be nice to us.”

9, May, 2015

That’s an order, IDF.

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I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

25, April, 2015

……and it’s a good bet the S is gonna HTF much sooner than anything that could be considered later.

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About when will enough be enough, eh ?

7, February, 2015

The S will definitely HTF in 10…… 9…… 8……………

And before the 2008 elections, one or two of us bitter clingers and evil Jooooooooooos on the side of freedom, predicted all of what’s going on (and much more deadly Totalitarian-level insanity) would come to pass if a certain somebody got the ‘nudge’ and his administration began to “fundamentally transform The United States”.

If only the blind could have/would have listened and the deaf could have/would have seen.

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Froot Loops In The Tub.

24, January, 2015

Well…… What did you expect to happen ?

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