Thank you for being you.

Truth be told, I’m kind of a ‘mush’. At least that’s what four very special ladies in Brooklyn NY tell me. So that’s from where this ‘thank you’ page is being generated.

First off, where would I be without Mom and Dad. Roy and Blossom Solomon. I’d be nowhere, because I simply wouldn’t be.

Mom’s gone now. Passed to sit at the side of God on 22 November 2010. Dad is still with us, but not in anything resembling good health. Dementia has taken his mind and most of his other abilities. I thank The Man Upstairs for the amazing times and remember them all as if each and every one occurred yesterday.

Then there’s those four amazing ladies I mentioned up top. Janie and her daughters Becca, Amy and Carly. Janie calls ’em her Sun, Moon and Stars and I easily see why. Janie is the bestest evah coolest progrock mom and the most amazing girl I’ve ever known. But better than that, she’s another barking-mad-insane NASCAR fan like me.

My bud AJ up in Noo Yawk – I’ve known y’all since we started 7th grade together – dang it, that’s a looooooooooong time ago. You may be kind of shocked at seeing me here as a political animal, but hey, you learn something new every day, yes ?

Tracy in SC – Bro, I had to do this site. Way too much pent up. As the other half of my brain at work and even on the civilian side for the past few years, you know it and I know it. Plus, doing this site is gonna beat the heck out of the emotional and physical need to go to the ‘stress relief center’ daily, because ammo is way too expensive now.

Catering Dave. My brother, I know you think I’m some sort of crazed right wing nutcase, but I assure you, when le merde encounters le ventilateur, I’ll be there for you and will not say ‘see, I told you so’, or anything like that.

Silvio.  My brother from another mother and father.  Some amazing and bizarro-world times back in doze kollej edumakashun daze, eh ?   Maybe we should both get another ‘Dionysus’.

Carol. My friend, we’ve never met, but you have zero idea how much your guidance, words and assistance have meant to me. You’re the reason this site exists and I have no idea how to thank you properly, or if I’d even be able to do so. I never wanted to do a blog, nor had a clue as to how. A simple exchange of e-mails between us over a few days had me interested, hooked and now here in the form of an actual website. So thank you and I owe ya more than one.

Joyce. Do you have any idea the effect you’ve had on me and countless thousands of others ? I do. God Bless You my soul-sister and friend on the wall at the tip of the spear.

Pamela. Another Noo Yawka on top of the wall, more than one spear in hand. A ‘back-in-the-day’ New Waver and simply an amazing fighter for freedom and real justice.

My brothers in arms at T.A.S.G. We may be slightly on edge, but there’s a reason. Actually, three reasons: Red, White and Blue, which shall not be infringed…… Ever. Git-r-done !

Everyone at DC Works For Us. Too many to name individually, but none of us are in it for our own recognition. God Bless America.

Magic Pie, Nektar and every other band and artist I’ve ever worked with at any level. What in the name of all that’s holy were we all thinking to get in the music business ?!?

Mr. Vassar Bushmills. Sir, it is an honor to know you, even only through an electronic connection.

Mike ‘Gamecock’ DeVine. The South’s gonna do it again. Git-r-done !

Dr. Rusty Shackleford and the good folks at The Jawa Report. Inspiration from truth, snark and the freedom loving among us. The smackdown anteaters of the universe !

More to come, so stay tuned. Film at eleven.

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