Who, What And Why.

Hi and welcome.

You may know me from several websites as commenter and also from several years at RedState with a short-lived column of the same name as this place – Israel Survival Updates.

If you don’t know me, Kenny Solomon is my real name and I’m simply a typical bitter Jewish God-clinging Constitution-loving, American-Flag-waving multiple scary-looking gun-owning barking-mad-insane NASCAR fan in South Florida.

This place is called ‘Israel Survival Updates’ and will mostly feature news about the pending destruction of Israel and genocide facing The Jewish People. But this site is also going to encompass everything and anything, not just “my people”. I’m an American first and foremost. The United States is still the greatest nation ever to inhabit our planet and this little set of pages is also my attempt at helping you see the true danger we’re facing as a nation and as a free people.

As a bit of warning, the tendency to offer quite snarky commentary on everything sometimes gets the better of me. So if that’s your thing, you’ve hit paydirt.

Total seriousness on matters as well ? Most definitely. On some things you’ll quickly notice my being ‘a tad miffed’ and on other items of import, the need to elevate my alert level to ‘slightly perturbed’ will be even more pronounced.

I’m also a huge supporter of the notion that “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” and a major advocate of practicing weapons safety to such a degree that I’m taking the leap to become an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor.

So then, welcome to the world of Israel Survival Updates ! Kick back, open your eyes, your mind and let’s see what we can do about sending evil back into the depths of Hades where it belongs.


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