It hurt too much to watch…… And now, it’s over.

The four words below ring hollow and are a true knife in the gut.

For the last time……

Updated – 7 March 2011 – 0730 Eastern.

Space shuttle Discovery, the world’s most traveled spaceship, has left the International Space Station for the last time. This is the final flight for Discovery, due back on Earth on Wednesday.  It’s being retired and sent to a museum.  NASA’s two other shuttles will join Discovery in retirement, following their upcoming missions.

Actor William Shatner, who played Capt. Kirk on the original “Star Trek” TV series, paid tribute to space shuttle Discovery’s voyages over the decades.  He said the shuttle has boldly gone and done what no spacecraft has done before.  Shatner introduced Monday’s wake-up music for the six shuttle astronauts.  The song was “Theme from Star Trek.”  It was the runner-up in a pick-the-wake-up-music contest sponsored by NASA. The No. 1 vote-getter will be beamed up Tuesday.

I can think of no other way to describe this…… The actuality and most definitely the government-induced and mandated ‘spin’ trying to put a nice face on it all…… Even NASA has been turned into American Idol.

The deliberate takedown of American Exceptionalism, advancements in science and much more, continue unabated by the administration and helped along by a more-than-willing set of people and groups in……… I’d better stop or I might get ‘edgy’.

=== === === === ===

Updated 9 March 2011 ; shortly after 12 noon and through tears.

Discovery is home. She landed safely and beautifully – home.

NASA and American advancement in science is about to be gutted.

The next person says to me ‘he’s the science president’………


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4 Responses to It hurt too much to watch…… And now, it’s over.

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Dan Warrensford, texasgalt. texasgalt said: Hard to believe U.S. bows out . . . over to you Russia and China […]

  2. DMartyr says:

    Just wait until we get a President who will allow NASA to continue to explore space, rather than spend its resources outreaching to muslims.

  3. Barry in IN says:

    I tried to tell my kids about the final Discovery launch after picking them up from school. Maybe it was from my voice cracking as I said it, but they both said “The what?”
    I guess the topic didn’t come up in school. I don’t know what the oldest one learned yesterday, but they were too busy teaching my first-grader Spanish words to talk about any US space exploration nonsense.

  4. Just another piece of the AMERICAN DREAM this Wrecking-Ball-In Chief is intent on destroying as quickly as he can. He wants us forget who and what we are. But AMERICA will be BACK and so will NASA!

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