The UN and IAEA admit Iran’s nuclear program is kinda maybe sorta only for military use.

Ahhhhhh, I see…… The UN and IAEA are using the old “recently received information” bit to cover their Dhimmi, jizya-paying, Keffiyah-wearing arses.

Iminthemoodfor Abigwhompinjihad tours the Natanz nuclear facility.

UN says has new info on alleged Iran nuclear arms.

The UN nuclear monitoring agency said Friday that “recently received” information is adding to concerns Iran may have worked on developing nuclear arms.

At the same time, a report by the organization – The International Atomic Energy Agency – noted that Tehran continues to stonewall its attempts to follow up on that information, which points to possible experiments with components of a nuclear arms program.

An annex to the confidential report listed “the outstanding issues which give rise to concern about possible military dimensions to Iran’s nuclear program.” It included design work on a nuclear payload; experiments with explosives that could detonate such a payload and other work that could be linked to making weapons.

As Americans, we continue to allow how much of our tax dollars to fund The United Nations ?

The United Nations – A gathering place and home-away-from-home for genocidal anti-Semites, America-haters and other Totalitarian one-world government types.  But they do have some nice artwork in the hallways and a great location on The East River.

It’s a sure bet that whathisname and the administration in DC aren’t going to do a damn thing about this, so Israel better tool up and be prepared to fight two wars at once…… One against the peace lovers and the other against the current government of The United States.

I’d better stop, or I’ll say something next that’s not toned down, definitely uncivil and then have to ban myself from my own website.

Kenny Solomon
South Florida

Everything I need to know about Islam I learned at the age of thirteen on September 5th 1972.

2 Responses to The UN and IAEA admit Iran’s nuclear program is kinda maybe sorta only for military use.

  1. Joecitizenshow says:

    Going to DC for the 3rd.
    Its like…which outrage of the hour/day do you follow?
    Joe Citizen

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