Egypt proposes competitive presidential elections.

This is gonna be interesting.I know that’s a photo from some sort of competition in Tahrir Square, downtown Cairo, but I’m not sure what ‘winning’ will mean to either side.  See, it’s like this:  There’s a third party in the game playing all sides at once and when they win – because the only way they lose is at the cost of every single member – when they win, every other side on the planet loses, not just Egypt.

Egypt proposes competitive presidential elections.

CAIRO (AP) – An Egyptian panel tasked with amending the country’s constitution recommended Saturday easing restrictions on who can run for president and imposing presidential term limits—two key demands of the popular uprising that pushed longtime President Hosni Mubarak from power.

In what would mark a major change in who can run for president, the panel suggested lifting restrictions on who can run, opening the door for independents and small opposition groups to field a candidate.

The panel’s chief, Tareq el-Bishri, who is considered one of Egypt’s top legal minds, told reporters that the panel’s recommended constitutional amendments will be put to a public referendum for approval.

The Muslim Brotherhood is in like Flint.  Legally.  OK, terrific.

I may as well go for it then……

Presenting candidate for Eqyptian President, Mr. Mohamhands al-Cutoffyourhead, Junior Deputy Minister For Arrainged Marriages With Nine-Year-Old Girls. His political experience includes protest-sign-authoring and Haddith regulatory consultant to bomb-vest manufacturer KillTehJuice Inc.    Minister al-Cutoffyourhead was selected to The Brotherhood during his first Hajj at the age of six and officially welcomed during Ashoura of that year, where he participated in a grand manner when honored by his Imam Sheik Yermamasasheep making the first cut and then being asked to reciprocate.    The Ummah knew great things were in store for the young man.

The other gentleman vying for the president’s chair is Abdul al-Touchyoursister bin-Inbedwithagoatallday.   He has been a member of The Muslim Brotherhood since his first adventure through infidel country at the age of ten as a scout for the events of 1993.   Currently serving as The Brotherhood’s Minister For Secure Connections With A Certain Great Satan Blackberry, his qualifications are well-known and his campaign manager, Davidullah Axelrodiban has all but guaranteed victory in what will undoubtedly be the most fair and openly transparent elections in Egyptian history.

It is thought that whichever one will win the election, he will select the other as his Vice President and they will serve together with honor for hope and change throughout Egypt.

Kenny Solomon
South Florida
Everything I need to know about Islam I learned at the age of 13 on September 5th 1972.

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2 Responses to Egypt proposes competitive presidential elections.

  1. Great blog post, Kenny. Thank you for all your research.

    • kennysolomon says:

      Thanks Carol.

      Wish I didn’t have to do any of it. But if even one person new to reality sees one news item and wakes up for real, it’s all good because they’ll tell a few people and the word will get around…… and then we win.

      Gonna take a while unfortunately and free people all over don’t have “a while”.

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