Headlines And Commentary: The short and not-so-sweet.

Tis’ Sunday and my snark runneth over.

Designs and plans for several separate postings to start the day were left on the cutting room floor due to the sheer volume of abject insanity being brought forth by the peace lovers and of course, our friends on the left.

The command decision was made  to simply display headlines as active links to news articles, followed by a modicum of dangerously snarky commentary on each item from yours truly.

We’ll tackle things with The Religion Of Peace first, then head back over this way and deal with items of a more domestic nature.

Let’s begin……

Rebels Control Most of Libya.

Libyan rebels control most of Libya’s oil production facilities, have taken over another town and are closing in on Tripoli, Muammar Qaddafi’s sole base.

Rebels:  The MC from America ?  Nope…… UNLV Basketball ? Not even close…… Oh, I see ; The Muslim Brotherhood is calling themselves “rebels” and the media is running with it world-wide in order to…… to…… To what exactly ?…… To not have their heads cut off, or worse, they’re facilitating the whole thing because of the agenda at hand.

— — — — —

New Prime Minister For Libya’s Rebel Government.

Libyan cities under rebel control appointed former Justice Minister Mustafa Abdel-Jalil to lead provisional government.

Oh goody, a full-on Shari’a lunatic is now teh bossfellaness.  I bet he’s filled with ‘brotherhood’ for all.

Al-Qaeda Urges Revolt In Yemen.

An al-Qaeda offshoot is encouraging revolt in Yemen.

Offshoot ?…… There’s only one Al-Qaeda, just as there’s only one Islam.

Translation: R.O.P.M.A.*

Please visit Jane Novak’s Armies Of Liberation for an awakening to the goings-on in Yemen.

* R.O.P.M.A. — Religion Of Peace My Arse.

Oman police fire rubber bullets at protesters.

Omani police fired rubber bullets on stone-throwing protesters demanding political reform in an industrial town on Sunday, killing two people, and the military moved in to secure the area, witnesses said.

If it matters, those “rubber bullets” killed at least two “protesters”.

Oh…… By the way, if you didn’t know, Oman is now on fire with the other 6… um… 8… er… 23…all of ’em 57 Muslim states moving towards a one-base Caliphate.

Anti-government protests break out in Lebanon.

Lebanon is governed by a delicate power-sharing system to maintain the balance between the country’s many sects. It is unlike many other Arab countries where protests have been against rulers who have governed for decades.

Guess where that ‘delicate balance’ is headed ?

……And whaddya mean ‘break out’ ?  It’s been going on in Lebanon since a day or two after Tunisia started, but no media coverage has been allowed by The Muslim Brotherhood, Hizbullah and the Lebanese government.

Tunisia’s Prime Minister Resigns.

Mohammed Ghannouchi, Tunisia’s interim prime minister, has resigned, as security forces clashed with protesters in Tunis, the capital, who were demanding some of his minsters be removed.

……and the winner is ?…… The M.B.

(PS:  This link is to Al-Jazeera.  Click on it only if you want to get enraged enough to break something.)

And last but certainly not least……

Egypt to hold elections in March.

Sobhi Saleh, a member of the drafting committee which unveiled proposed constitutional amendments on Saturday, told Reuters the referendum would be formally announced this week and people would vote on the new basic law before the end of March.

Surprise !…… The M.B. wants their first nation right now, not in September.

Who’s Sobhi Saleh ?…… For the umpteenth time, I’ll say it…… He’s one of the head honchos in The Muslim Brotherhood and also on the ‘panel’ – the unofficial boss and strong-man of the panel – writing Egypt’s new “Constitution”, which will be nothing less than full-on Shari’a Law.

Lets get out of The Middle East before we need to elevate the alert level from ‘slightly perturbed’ to ‘somewhat agitated’.

=== === === === ===
=== === === === ===

In America.  Today.  From the east coast to the west.  Brought in from London.

The headline and three sentences from the article say it all without saying anything, from possible ‘illegal alien’, to ‘could it be a setup?’ to any other sort of ‘it can’t happen here’ scenario:

Air travelers may have been exposed to measles.

Authorities said Saturday that a New Mexico woman later confirmed to have measles arrived at Washington Dulles International Airport late in the afternoon of Feb. 20.

Two days later, the measles-infected traveler departed from BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport near Baltimore on an evening flight to Denver, Colo., and then on to Albuquerque, N.M.

The New Mexico Department of Health’s scientific laboratory division didn’t identify the traveler by name but said she was a 27-year-old Santa Fe, N.M., woman who had not been immunized against measles.

Nothing to see here !

Don’t you even begin to think this could have remotely been thought of, let alone done on purpose by anyone (‘Nudge’) or any group (R.O.P.M.A.).

“It can’t happen here.”

=== === === === ===

Oh look, more of your Fourth Amendment Rights are being canceled.

DHS/TSA To Implement DNA Scanning At Airports.

“The device could be tailored for emergency rooms, food safety tests and law enforcement in addition to Federal agencies.”

Let me re-write that headline for you:

The Constitution-Violating Totalitarian-Jihadist Obama Administration Will Allow You To Travel, Receive Health Care And Eat, ONLY If You Give Them A DNA Sample.

I’ll say it in easier to understand language: Totalitarians can use this device to hold anything over your head – anything.

Freedom of movement is taking on a whole new dimension and danger…… WAKE UP !

Better yet…… Tool up…… It’s coming…… You know…… “It”.

=== === === === ===

The Rat is losing people already…… Guess why.

Rahm Emanuel’s Campaign Co-Chair Resigns.

Judy Erwin, a former state lawmaker who also co-chaired Emanuel’s mayoral campaign, stepped down from her high-level state job last summer, was fined and promised to never seek a state job after conceding that she conducted political business on state time, according to a newly filed ethics report.

He’s been mayor of Chicago for less than one week and already his campaign boss – a corrupt former Obama campaign staff member – quits in disgrace, rather than face possible fraud charges that may come anyway.

Nothing to see here either !

=== === === === ===
=== === === === ===

I can’t keep going with the heavy stuff.

It’s Sunday and that means NASCAR is gonna git-r-done today.

Avondale Arizona – Phoenix International Raceway – The Subway Fresh-Fit 500.

Race info at NASCAR.com

Green flag drops at 3:15 pm (Eastern Time) on the Fox national network.

Carl “Cousin Flippydude” Edwards has the pole (and new track record from yesterday’s qualifying).

My driver, Jamie Mac, starts eighth.

P.I.R. is a one-mile circuit of madness where it’s highly doubtful even one car will escape even slight damage from beatin’ ‘n bangin’ ‘n bumpin’ ‘n slammin’.

Boogidee boogidee boogidee…… Let’s go racin’ boys !

Just to show I can take it too:  If you’re not into NASCAR, here’s a way to snark me and the 50 million or so other fans of the sport:

NASCAR = Non-Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks.  😉

Cheers !

Kenny Solomon
South Florida

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