It’s the pump, stupid !

A three-cent part fails in a five-dollar new-kew-lahr reactor.

Quick question before the news:  Don’t you find it kind of ironic that Iran’s nuke thingy’s name starts with ‘Bush’ ?

Broken pump cause of delays in Iran’s Bushehr plant.

Iran's Bushehr Reactor

VIENNA – Iran was believed to have told the UN atomic watchdog that a broken pump had made it necessary to remove fuel from its first nuclear power reactor, independent experts familiar with the issue said on Monday.

The experts, who declined to be named due to the sensitivity of the issue, said it was a potentially serious problem likely to cause more delays for the Russian-built Bushehr plant, which has yet to start injecting power into Iran’s national grid.

Iran’s reactor at Bushehr is not sending power into their national grid because Iran’s reactor at Bushehr was never meant to send power into their national grid. It’s a genocide generator.

— — — — —

You can see the peace lovers
Got their backs against the nukin’ machine
They are the worst that we’ve seen
I know you get what I mean……

Iran needs a new PUMP !
(Pump !)
They need a new pump.
Last one bit their rump.
(Pump !)
Jihad hit a speed bump.

— — — — —

Replacement pump found.

Being shipped directly to Iran, attn.: President Iminthemoodfor Abigwhompinjihad.

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One Response to It’s the pump, stupid !

  1. Love the snark, Kenny. And the Austin Powers thingy.

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