J-Street Exposed – The Video.



I’m at a loss for words.  Really.

After all this time, some of ‘my people’ are waking up.

Thank you Republican Jewish Coalition.

Kenny Solomon
South Florida

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2 Responses to J-Street Exposed – The Video.

  1. Moshe Ben Avram says:

    Nothing new here. Jewish History is replete with self-serving Kapos that did nothing for our people but cause them harm. Having spent many years in Germany and knowing and speaking with many German Jews that survived the Holocaust, someone like George Soros is not even considered Jewish anymore. As for J Street, well they are nothing but the Judenrat revisited. I hate to say it, but most American Jews are going down the same road their German brethern took prior to WW2. And they will find thmeselves in the same situation if they don’t wake up.

    • kennysolomon says:

      Moshe, thank you.

      Those of ‘our tribe’ who are assisting in our own destruction, well, I’d not be as confident of their waking up until the 3am door-bashing, or when the cattle cars head down the tracks… and even then, I still have my doubts they’d ‘get it’.

      Heavily Armed American Jew
      Never again means NEVER AGAIN !

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