I can name that plane in two words.

Let’s call it “The Ummahstomper”.

The IDF Ummahstomper

The Search is On: Name that Plane !

The IDF announces that it is seeking the help of the public in finding – not a missing person, but a name for its newest plane.

The IDF has recently purchased 20 F-35 fifth-generation stealth fighter jets from United States manufacturer Lockheed-Martin. Though delivery to Israel of the world’s most advanced attack aircraft is expected to begin only in 2015, the IDF is already looking for a Hebrew name for it.

Some naming choices include:

The IDF Taqiyabuster — The 72 Virgin Introducer — The F-35 Reverse Jizya-Payer.

Squadron and air wing names offered:

The Goatbusters — The Peace Bringers.

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One Response to I can name that plane in two words.

  1. Patricia Conlon says:

    The You’reawantinajihad?

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