RINO And Liberal Democrat Tour Tahrir Square.

But not just any R.I.N.O. – John ‘My Friends’ McCain and not just any Liberal Democrat – Joseph Lieberman.

The real danger is in the next sentence you’ll read:

“The sun is shining now in Cairo,” Lieberman told reporters.

Two U.S. senators toured Egypt’s Tahrir Square Sunday, one month after riots there forced President Hosni Mubarak’s resignation and resulted in numerous sexual and other violent attacks on American journalists.

Speaking with the official Middle East News Agency (MENA), Senator John McCain explained that he and Senator Joseph Lieberman had come on a solidarity visit. He noted the Egyptian people had fought hard for their freedom, and said the U.S. would do its best to assist them in their quest. But the two, escorted by American Ambassador to Egypt Margaret Scobey, added that ultimately, the future lies in the hands of the Egyptian people.

How bloody disgusting, forcibly ignorant and dangerous is Senator Lieberman in thinking and stating that ‘hope and change’ has just arrived in Egypt ?

Senator, I like you because you seem to ‘get it’ when it comes to national security.  However, at this time, the need is to be slightly more direct in that I sincerely wish you to understand that IT’S THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD ON ALL SIDES OF THE ISSUE IN EGYPT.

They’re playing peacemaker, aggressor, ‘moderate’ and knight-in-white-satin, all wrapped up in a neat little trojan horse that has already changed the game, by moving the elections from September to March – as in right away – something about having to vote on the new Egyptian Constitution so they can let the people know what’s in it.

As for your bestest buddy evah who’s on tour with you, I have nothing to say to him other than ‘Go spit up a rope and suck on a lemon — Sir’.

— — — — —

Kenny Solomon
South Florida
Everything I need to know about Islam I learned at the age of 13 on September 5th 1972.

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2 Responses to RINO And Liberal Democrat Tour Tahrir Square.

  1. liberty12 says:


    I distinctly remember you writing about similar “revolutionary” events last Spring in Kyrgyzstan, with a touch of ethnic cleansing from the Peace Lovers. Do you suppose that was a test run for these current events?

    • kennysolomon says:

      Kind of. Sort of. Maybe.

      That’s the simple answer, but there’s way more to it in Kyrgy, because our good friend Gyorgy Soros was deeply involved there – several billion for ‘community organizing.

      You’ll need to go back ‘there’ and search for it, because I don’t have the files handy for setting links.

      Back then, I didn’t really connect Soros and his maniacal leftist friends to the Moose Limbs, but where else would the money go to force the hands to be played into their wide open palms.

      Soros is a facilitator, thinking he’ll be safe when le merde encounters le ventilateur from the Quranimals.

      I’m convinced this whole thing with the peace lovers is The MB’s ‘after all these centuries’ move to get it all under one roof, so to speak, the Caliphate, all 57 states, so they can welcome in The 12th Imam.

      What they’re doing is called Taqyia – a Muslim tenet of life – When dealing with an infidel, lie, cheat, misdirect and do whatever needs to be done to advance Islam. Whatever needs to be done.

      When people even remotely begin to understand that, maybe – just maybe – we can stop these genocidal madmen who go arse-up to a black rock five times per day every day, holding up a mass-murdering pedophile as their direct connection to what they think God wants.

      Tally-Ho Snackbar.

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