Egypt’s Stock Exchange Remains Closed.

But…… But…… But…… But I thought everything was good to go ?

It’s a mystery as to why, because Senators Joe Lieberman and John McCain are in Egypt and they did everything except kiss the Tahrir Square ground.  I also fully expect them to apologize for Obama not apologizing yet.

Article at the Wall Street Journal’s ‘Market Watch’.

Egypt’s Stock Market Postpones Reopening.

Egypt’s stock exchange, shut since Jan. 27 due to political unrest, has further delayed the resumption of trading to March 6 as it works to soften the fallout from the likely wave of selling.

Foreign and local investors are expected to jump at their first chance to sell since two days after the start of mass demonstrations that eventually led to the ouster of the country’s president.

The exchange had been expected to open Tuesday, and the original scheduled called for it to open Feb. 13.

It’s a fairly safe bet ‘something’ will occur in Egypt between now and Sunday that will assure the exchange remains closed until after the elections that were moved from September to this month to let the Egyptian People vote for their new Constitution so they can then be told what’s in it.

Kenny Solomon
South Florida, USA

Major supporter of L.E.O.’s and departments.  However, I carry a firearm because the average officer is simply too heavy.

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