Trophy Windbreaker — It Works !!!!!

Defense System Foils Anti-Missile Attack From Gaza.

The IDF’s new “Trophy-Windbreaker” system intercepted a Gaza terrorist anti-tank missile for the first time on Tuesday evening. It was successfully tested in training last year but had not been employed in the Gaza area until Tuesday.

The system is designed to actively protect against anti-tank missiles, and it identified and intercepted the missile.  Shortly afterwards, IDF soldiers identified several terrorists in the area and fired in their direction, identifying a hit.

Yeeeee Haaaaa !!!!!

They picked up an incoming missile – a missile – and even if it’s a low-grade non-tracking Iranian p.o.s., it’s still doin’ the boogidee inbound – and the system whacked it – done – gone – all friendlies safe……… Who’s got ‘next’ ?

Git-R-Done IDF and Rafael Corp. !

Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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4 Responses to Trophy Windbreaker — It Works !!!!!

  1. Craig says:

    I bet it costs a penny on the dollar of ANYTHING a U.S. defense contractor can offer.

  2. J. Michael Lane says:

    I first heard about this system while they were still testing it. I didn’t know they had put it into service. This is great. Mazeltov to the IDF.

  3. Florine Goldfarb says:

    Good news. Leave it to Israel.

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