The age-old question.

A friend has asked ‘the question’ and I’ve answered.

The overall topic: Way too many Jews – 78% as of November 2008, but the total is thankfully going down – Way too many Jews are either abject pacifists – and/or think straight down the “can’t we all just get along ?” – and/or ‘self-hating’ and anti-Israel like all the J-Street Socialists and others – and/or working directly with evil incarnate, unaware that Jews are taken as literal cannon fodder.

With my friend’s permission……

So, Kenny…have you ever had the chance to talk to one of these ‘liberal pacifists’ to get their ‘take’ on the whole “the Dem Party hates Israel when you really boil it down” syndrome?

I present to you my reply, word for word, no edits, additions, nor corrections in grammar or spelling.

Oh yeah. I have.

The following things happen about 99.9% of the time:

One of the two parties in the conversation ends up either whimpering, stammering and usually in tears, fully apologetic and with a modicum of glaring awakening, realizing the error of at least some of their ways — or — within fifteen to twenty seconds of the conversation’s origination, begins uttering — usually by screaming, with plenty of spittle flying to and fro, along with a quite crimson appearance — those famous words: “You’re a typical bitter God-clinging gun-owning raaaaaaaaaaacist hate-mongering LimbaughBeckPalinBush-loving Republican NASCAR fan and you need to be locked up or dead” – and then, in what is now approaching a 50/50 average, may or may not ‘make a move’ to…… to…… enhance…… yeah, enhance the encounter.

At the proper time during the conversations, the other of the two parties says either: ‘Hey, it’s not really that big of a problem – well actually it is, but who is one person to fully judge another – neither of us are “Him” – but know this: Your apology will never be accepted and you will never be forgiven. We’re starting now from ‘day one’ and you’re on the clock. Show us whatcha got.” — or — I simp…… um…… the other party simply stands there, smiling, head nodding in affirmation, appreciation of such an amazingly emotive display and also – in always thinking of the tens-of-millions-of readers to my webs…… um……listening for any new ism’s for adding into a non-copyrighted closing signature that could be shared with the world. However, if and when the other party ‘makes the move’ to enhance the encounter, somehow ‘out of nowhere’, they instantly begin staring down the barrel of true mortality, with only one “hope for change” and that is for them to allow me to explain to them, in quite intricate detail, the inner workings of the myriad ‘stand your ground’ laws and one parties’ God-given right to defend themselves against any aggressor.

Now y’all might say I’ve ‘splained things the hard way and/or gone way over the edge.

Au-contraire, mon cherie. ‘Tis just a different way of uttering the simple statement of, “Been there, done that, got multiple t-shirts”…… and I’m real tired of adding to the collection.

Make sense now ?

Cheers !

Kenny Solomon
Typical bitter God-clinging gun-owning raaaaaaaaaaacist hate-mongering LimbaughBeckPalinBush-loving Republican NASCAR fan…… and an Eeeeevil Jooooooooooo too.

— — — — —

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