Headlines and other niceties of the day.

Here’s a few items found whilst stumbling ’round the interweb.

Listed are the headlines with the go-to link embedded, maybe one sentence from the story, plus of course, a modicum of magnificently snarkified and biting commentary from the staff (me) at I.S.U.

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The President Of The United States, Barack Hussein Obama, Tries To Explain The Second Amendment.

Unsolicited advice to my family, friends, neighbors and I.S.U. readers:   Tool up.  It’s coming.  You know…… “It”.

— — — — —

Iran Foreign Minister: Islam Opposes Nukes.

The development or use of nuclear weapons contradicts Iran’s religious principles and would violate the tenets of Islam, the country’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said Friday.

But the oh-so-peace-loving Moose Limbs are totally fine with a complete and total genocide of Jews and all infidels.  Go figure.


— — — — —

Did you know that the Iranian ships that went to Syria to deliver all sorts of weapons and munitions for a training mission are on their way back to Iran ?

Yep, that they are. God forbid any media coverage on that ‘little fact’ exists outside of Israel.

Iranian Ships Have Re-Entered Red Sea From Suez Canal.

“The flotilla…has completed its mission successfully in the Mediterranean Sea and has returned to the Red Sea transiting through the Suez Canal,” Iranian official IRNA reported.

I wonder what they’re bringing back to Iran other than knowledge from the vast experience in naval operations they Syrians imparted.

— — — — —

Egypt – 200 Protesters Storm Alexandria State Security Headquarters.

The protesters threw petrol bombs at police.  The police opened fire.

And you were expecting what exactly from The Muslim Brotherhood ?

— — — — —

Nostalgic Russians Venerate Stalin On Anniversary.

Fifty-eight years gone and they still love the guy. Nothing to see here !

— — — — —

Ohio Atty. Gen. DeWine: Over 47,000 New Concealed Carry Permits & 13,500 Concealed Carry Renewals Issued In 2010.

Not bad.

Here in Florida, we had those numbers in each county.   😉

— — — — —

Califailure Pt. 1.

Oakland Raiders 1990 1st Round Draft Pick Anthony Smith Charged With Murder.

Pretty sure I don’t need to comment. The article says enough without really saying anything.

— — — — —

Califailure Pt. 2.

Woman survives 35-mile, 100 mph ride on minivan hood.

She seems to be a typical bitter clinger.

What ? What’d I say now ? No, I didn’t go too far. Read the article.

— — — — —

Califailure Pt. 3.

84-Year-Old Richmond Woman Shoots Intruder.

An intruder in Richmond got the surprise of his life when he broke into the home of a senior citizen.

— — — — —

Epic Fail.

Global Warming Lunatics Launch Satellite – It Crashes “Somewhere In The Southern Pacific Ocean”.

That’s the second time they tried to launch your tax dollars into orbit to prove non-existent AGW is occurring, dumping all sorts of toxins into the ocean, doing God-knows-what to undersea life and environs “somewhere in the southern Pacific Ocean”.

— — — — —

Mexican Female Police Chief Seeks US Asylum…… She’s 20 Years Old And A Mom Too.

What the……

— — — — —

West Nyack NY – Woman Told “No” On Bathroom Use Destroys Liquor Store.

Some of the commentary posted is ‘intense’ to say the least.

— — — — —

We’ll end on a quite positive note with a video report showing that your tax dollars are hard at work:

Men Staring At Breasts Increases Heart Health.

Yes…… Yes it does. 😀

“Follow your dreams. You can reach your goals. I’m living proof. Beefcake. BEEFCAKE !!”

— — — — —

That’s all for now, because truthfully, if I listed any more items, I’d have to go to the range ‘The 100-Yard Stress-Relief Center’ and blow multiple large caliber holes through pieces of paper at a high rate of speed relax a bit.

Oh…… From up top: * R.O.P.M.A. = Religion Of Peace My Arse.

Will add more news as warranted.

Stay tuned to this channel.  Film at eleven.

Cheers !

Kenny Solomon
South Florida

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