Rep. Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) Blasts Obama Over Muslim Brotherhood.

Rep. Chabot: Thank you, but what took so long ?  On your list of ‘things to do’, this should have been day one, hour one, minute one.

They’re about Shari’a law, they’re about suppressing women’s rights, and I don’t think that we ought to condone that, I don’t think that ought to be any part of the future of Egypt,” he said.  “We might not have the power to implement the US program, but I think with our support – financial and otherwise – that we can maybe encourage things that would ultimately be in their best long-term interests, and Israel’s and the United States’.”

“They’ve been less than clear about accepting the Muslim Brotherhood in a future government and in what capacity, and I think that sends a message to those that are going to be negotiating the future of Egypt’s government,” Chabot said of the Obama administration.  He added that broadly “this administration has oftentimes sent mixed messages, and pretty tepid and weak messages on occasion.”

OK terrific…… Now do something about addressing this with our humble but lovable Jihadist At 1600™ and the entire submitting and dhimmi administration, because those typical bitter Allah-clingers are not just in Egypt.   They’re here in America and they’re ramping up.

Congressman Chabot, setting up some open-to-the-public and televised hearings may be a good start.  An unsolicited suggestion from I.S.U. is to have Rep. Lt. Col. (Ret. USA) Allen West (FL-22) run the whole shootin’ match.

Kenny Solomon
South Florida

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