The point of ‘no alternative’ is rapidly approaching.

Anyone know The American People’s limit for their government’s deliberate submission to evil ?

Deputy National Security Adviser Denis McDonough:

Muslim Americans are not part of the terrorism problem facing the U.S., they are part of the solution.

He was speaking at a mosque in Virginia.

During his remarks Sunday, McDonough called the mosque a “typically American place” and said it reminded him of his Catholic parish where he grew up in Minnesota.

Nominally, I’d offer up some quite biting, snarky and some would say ‘edgy’ commentary on something of this nature.

Said commentary might be of the following slant:  “Mr. McDonough, calling for genocide of Jews, beheading non-believers and physically destructive treatment of women reminds you of a Catholic upbringing – with a bible ?”…… Concluding with announcing the need to immediately attend ‘an extended relaxation period’ at my local ‘100-yard stress relief center’.

I can’t do that here.

This latest entry is simply just another single molecule of a vermin-transmitted, nation-killing terminal cancer that is the entire current administration in Washington DC and this cancer is metastasizing at an exponential rate.

I am now solidly of the opinion there isn’t one single person in the administration who stands for our nation, let alone her people.  Communists, Totalitarians and worse are our current executive branch.

That a Deputy National Security Adviser would prostrate himself before a sworn enemy of freedom and life itself and does so in a mosque to such a submissive level ; When an Attorney General declares that ‘his people’ are somehow more deserving of a racist version of what not one sane person would ever consider justice ; When a person whose sole task is to secure the homeland and does so by equipping forces at the most dangerous border sectors with nothing more than beanbags……… Then I have no words that could be possibly printed in any civil form or forum.

And as far as the peace lovers are concerned, where are the Muslims who don’t want any part of murder and genocide and Taqyia and Shari’a Law and forcing ‘infidels’ to pay The Jizya and……… I’ll tell you where they are:  They don’t exist.

There is no moderate Islam, there is only Islam.

Your choices as an ‘infidel’:  Convert.  Submit. or Die.

However, there is a “Radical Islam”.   Radical Islam comprises those Muslims who don’t want any part of murder and genocide and Taqyia and Shari’a Law and forcing ‘infidels’ to pay The Jizya and……… I’ve yet to see a single practicing Muslim rise up in public, in the media, for the world to see and say “NO !  Not in the name of God do you do this !

If it matters, the people listed are typical Muslim-Americans:

(Links courtesy of Pamela Geller and Atlas Shrugs.)

Bomber Warns DHS Napolitano to Stop C-T Measures Against Jihad

Muslim arrested for hate crime on King County Metro bus.

Muslim Plot to Blow Up NYC Subway on 911 Anniversary.

Muslim shuttle driver charged in series of hit-and-run attacks.

Muslim Charged in DC Metro Bomb Plot.

Muslim Arrested in Plot to Blow up Military Recruitment Center

University Terror.

Cell Phone Video of The Christmas Tree Lighting bomber

Portland Mayor and City Council Assisted Muslim in plot.

Muslim Arrested in Arkansas for Possession of Explosives.

We are on a path towards an internal confro……… I’d better not, because anything else I want to say would end up being taken out of context at best.

Y’all better wake up and tool up.

Kenny Solomon
South Florida

Cross-posted at The American Survival Guide.

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