Florida – Firearm Owners Privacy Act.


If you don’t know, I live in Flori-duh and most of us here take our Rights and privacy rather seriously.

Some doctors around the state (and nation) have been demanding their patients tell them how many weapons they own and are entering the information in records.   Pediatricians are asking children if their parents own evil scary-looking guns.

Our State House Of Representatives Criminal Justice Committee has passed State House Bill 155, nominally known as The Firearms Owners Privacy Protection Act.

Good deal, right ?  Yes…….. but somewhat alarming in the vote tally.

The vote was 9 ‘yea’, 6 ‘nay’.   One democrat voted ‘yea’.   That means two NRA A-Rated “Republicans” voted “nay”.

Article at The N.R.A. I.L.A. website: Two Republicans Vote Against Gun Owners In Florida.

The “Republicans”…… One from Satellite Beach (Tobia Dist. 31) and the other is a freshman from Miami (Trujillo – Dist. 116).

As to the two “Republicans” who both promised their constituents who voted them in, that they would vote 100% for protecting the 2nd Amendment and our Rights as Floridians, um…… You disingenuous hypocritical lying sacks of s…… Oops…… Tone…… Civility.

We need this passed through the legislature and it’s a given that Governor Scott will sign it into law.

Know why ?

If this is allowed to continue, what’s to stop anyone of an ‘authority figure’ from asking anything of you that’s none of their damn business and denying you service or anything else if you don’t comply ?

This is The United States Of America and not some Clockwork Orange, Rollerball, Logan’s Run, Soylent Green world of wonders.

Kenny Solomon

Molon Labe

— — — — —

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One Response to Florida – Firearm Owners Privacy Act.

  1. NRA better pull their endorsement. They refused to endorse a Toledo cop running for US House because he didn’t have a “voting record.” I know this is supposedly their “policy” however said cop capped a serial killer with one shot to the forehead.

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