Iranian munitions seized en-route to The Taliban.

Iran arming The Taliban…… Whodathunkit ?  

NATO forces intercepted the most powerful Iranian-made rockets ever smuggled to the Taliban in Afganistian, The Associated Press cited an international intelligence official as saying Wednesday.   The rockets were to be used for the Taliban’s spring campaign.

NATO troops captured a three-truck convoy carrying 50 122 millimeter rockets in Southern Nirmuz, near the Iranian and Pakistani borders, the official said.  The Associated Press reported rockets are capable of being fired up to 13 miles away from the target, and have an 80 foot explosion, a figure double that of what was previous provided to the Taliban from Iran since 2006, the official said.

Spring campaign ?   What the h…… It’s not a marketing plan !

Nothing to see here !

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Kenny Solomon
South Florida

Cross-posted at T.A.S.G.

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4 Responses to Iranian munitions seized en-route to The Taliban.

  1. ohgoodgrief says:

    For the record: The picture on this post is not a rocket. It’s mortar round.

  2. Oh good grief is right. If this is what we know about, think of what we DON’T know about.

  3. Aussie Bloke! says:

    So why not use these weapons to destroy the munition factiory that produced them?

    Would be IRONIC !

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