Washington State woman charged in newborn’s decapitation.

Oh . My . God .

CENTRALIA, Wash. (AP) – A Washington state woman who told detectives she used a serrated kitchen knife to cut off her prematurely born baby’s head was charged Thursday in the death and decapitation, authorities said.
Laura Lynn Hickey of Centralia is quoted in court papers as saying she didn’t think the newborn would live and didn’t want him to suffer, court papers said. Police said the body was found March 2 in a plastic container under the kitchen sink in the 25-year-old’s home, about 70 miles south of Seattle.

WARNING – The article goes into graphic detail of what this ‘perfect mother’ did to her baby and how much of a ‘perfect mother’ she was to her other children.

This doesn’t happen in a civilized society.

What have we become ?

I can’t comment further without sinking to a level that scares the hell out of me.

Kenny Solomon
South Florida

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7 Responses to Washington State woman charged in newborn’s decapitation.

  1. So this morning I was looking at the headlines on my blogroll, and I come to the Israel Survival Updates headline, and I read it: “Washington state woman charged in newborn decapitation.”

    And then I went: “WWHHHAAAAAATTTT!?!?!” Oh my Lord! This is obscene!!

  2. TimothyJ says:

    Sterilize her, or she will do it again.

  3. Bert says:

    Yet she could have had a partial birth abortion earlier, and it would have been 100% legal for the doctor to do it.

    • kennysolomon says:

      Spot on, Bert.

      I’m not sure what’s worse…… A mother who would do this to her child, or an outside person who would do it for money – possibly government subsidized.

  4. Outstanding post, I think blog owners should learn a lot from this weblog its really user friendly .

    • kennysolomon says:

      Hi Christene and thank you.

      The subject matter is about as messed up as anything I’ve ever encountered short of the peace lovers and I cant get the never-seen image out of my mind as to what this ‘mother of the decade’ admitted to doing.

      As for the site here being user friendly and learning from me…… Heh…… Don’t do that…… I’m just bad enough at this coding thing to cause the international space station to land on the golf course where I live. 😉

      Cheers and thanks again !

      Kenny Solomon
      South Florida

  5. Thanks for this, it really helped me.

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