Syria – Iraqi truck driver arrested with weapons meant to ‘harm internal security’.

But if those evil scary-looking guns and the rest of the things that make you go boom were gonna be used against Teh Juice, the only words that would have been heard are “You’re free to go, friend”.

Syrian forces arrested an Iraqi truck driver this week after discovering weapons and ammunition during a search of his vehicle, local news agencies reported Friday.
The reports say the weapons were intended “to carry out operations to shock internal security, sow chaos, and harm stability in Syria”.

A source described as “knowledgeable” said that “internal security forces arrested on March 7 a truck driver of Iraqi citizenship who was driving a refrigerated truck. A search at the border revealed that he was in possession of a large supply of guns, explosives, ammunition, and night vision goggles hidden inside.”

Give it a week, then interview the truck driver and ask his opinions on Syria being added to The UN Human Rights Council.  If he’s still alive, he might not be able to respond.  Talking without a tongue isn’t all that easy to do.

Wait…… The truck driver is from Iraq ?  I thought everything was good to go there and peace-loving was the order of the day ?…… Must be Bush’s fault.

Nothing to see here. It doesn’t matter if those weapons – including NVG’s – are part of a broader plan for The Muslim Brotherhood to move in on every nation in the region and……

Ohhhh, never mind. This is just another totally isolated incident, unconnected to anything occurring anywhere.

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