Egypt to remove all restrictions on political parties.

The Muslim Brotherhood will officially take over in 5…… 4…… 3…………

Cairo (AP) – Egypt’s military rulers plan to scrap a law that has severely restricted the formation of political parties, a government official said Saturday, the latest liberalization of the strict regime of ousted President Hosni Mubarak..

The official said that the restrictions that gave Mubarak a virtual veto over establishment of political parties would be lifted after a referendum next week on constitutional changes to allow for fair parliamentary and presidential elections.

Alongside the pledge for reform, that was a clear statement that the rulers are rejecting demands by reformers to postpone or call off the referendum.

The Muslim Brotherhood – an organization dedicated to nothing less than the elimination of Israel, the elimination of Jews worldwide, the elimination of ‘The Great Satan’ and all infidels……

They’re going to get Egypt.


One of the most strategic and tactical locations on the planet.

— — — — —

On February 16th – less than one month ago – I penned a column that laid out ‘something’ of a possible in-operation strategic and tactical move for a certain group to reach it’s ultimate goal.

It’ll take you ‘a little while’ to get through it all.

Click here for the ‘something’ and c’mon back when you’re done.

The I.S.U. staff will be doing some additional research while you’re reading up on ‘something’.

— — — — —

Oh good, you’re back.

That ‘something’ is really something to think about, eh ?

The last article before this post is also a completely isolated incident, unconnected to anything whatsoever anywhere in the world too.

More and more, it looks likely that statement I made at the end of the 16 February column about our peace-loving friends moving to grab a brass ring is coming to pass.

— — — — —

Kenny Solomon
Never again means NEVER AGAIN !

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