Nigerian Muslim Cleric who condemned violence is murdered.

He was one of the few…… God rest his soul.

Apparently, if you’re not the right type of peace lover, you’re not going to be allowed to keep loving peace and more than likely, won’t be able to continue breathing either.

(Reuters) – Gunmen Sunday shot dead a Muslim cleric in northeastern Nigeria who was known for giving sermons condemning the actions of an Islamic sect responsible for a series of violent attacks in recent months.

The cleric was killed outside a mosque in the remote northeastern city of Maiduguri when gunmen drove past and shot him at close range, according to a witness. The police confirmed the shooting but gave no further details.

Witnesses said the cleric was known in the local area for outspoken sermons against Boko Haram, a radical Islamic group behind months of unrest and targeted religious killings.

If you’re newly acquainted with the whole ‘good is bad and bad is good’ idea about the peace loving way of life, I present to you the oh-so-friendly organization called Boko Haram, who’s name is translated literally as “Western civilization is forbidden”.

Well…… Isn’t that just special ? has a communication from Boko Haram you may wish to peruse:

The Islamic sect Boko Haram has declared total Jihad in Nigeria, threatening to Islamise the entire nation by force of war.

Yes, they’re quite serious.

Kenny Solomon
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