Will Israel institute the death penalty for ‘Modern Barbarians’ ?

Nice name – ‘Modern Barbarians’.

If the shoe fits……


Deputy Minister Ayoub Kara announced at the Likud faction meeting Monday that he would introduce a bill for instituting the death penalty in cases of first-degree murder of children.   He asked his fellow Likud MKs to join him in the initiative, which follows the horrific slaying of the Fogel family in Itamar.

Almagor, the terror victims’ organization, also issued a call Monday for instituting the death penalty against terrorist murderers.   Menachem Ben, a columnist for Ma’ariv, called the murderers “Palestinazis” and Gil’ad Sharon penned a particularly scathing column on the “Palestinians.”


Those who are murdering Jews andinfidelsof all ages in the most violent and abhorrent means available, couldn’t give a rat’s tuchis if Israel has a death penalty, or even if you’ll give them milk and cookies when they’re captured.

They’re not ‘Modern Barbarians’.   No.

What they are:  The Faithful Of Islam.   The true believers of and by the book.

What they want is every Jew dead, they’re dedicated to seeing Israel eliminated, all other ‘infidels’ subjugated or dead, especially causing The Great Satan to be destroyed, plus additional forcing of pure evil on those not like them and guess what ?   It’s kind of obvious they’re working towards that goal, ramping it up by the day.

And before you think I’m some sort of racist, I’ll clue you in on something:  Islam is not a race ; Muslim is not a race — If they are then Christianity & Judaism are as well — So y’all can knock off the racism b.s.


Muslims:  An entire culture dedicated to death, per their ‘religious’ teachings in The Qur’an.

This typical bitter clinging culture includes so-called ‘mothers’ glorifying their own children’s – many times literally children – kids – ‘martyrdom’for killing others, causing mayhem and overtly declaring a Jewish genocide is at hand and acting on it.   Half the time it’s the little kids themselves ingrained since birth to hate and kill.  If you think that’s a joke, take a look at some of the Iranian, Saudi, Syrian and ‘Palestinian’ television programming.


Side note – Speaking of TV programming: The Muslim Brotherhood is on the air.


Back to the business at hand.

They are on Jihad – a holy war and they started it.

Death and power.  It’s all the true believers understand.

It’s gone on for such a long time – centuries – that at this point, hate, killing and violence might just be part of their DNA and they’re not going to stop until the very last one of them or us is no longer standing.

Enough is enough.

Never again means NEVER AGAIN !

They are not not criminals.

They are the enemy of Israel, Jews, The United States, Americans, western civilization, freedom in general and life itself.

Treat them as such.

Every nation, state, county, city, street, alleyway, farm, home, lake, river and square foot of land is a battlefield.

The endless, going-absolutely-nowhere stages of talking and talking and talking and talking are done.  God help us all if the powers that be in free nations – like our political fools here in America continue acting asif we’re nice to them, they’ll be nice to us‘, or worse, appear to be ignoring all that and are part of the genocidal destructive forces who are quickly and deliberately taking the world headlong towards the unthinkable.


Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

Everything I need to know about Islam I learned at the age of 13 on September 5th 1972.

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  1. Aussie Bloke! says:

    Said it better than I could have,….

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