IDF seizes freighter of Iranian weapons headed to Gaza.

Nothing to see here.

Update below —- Scroll down.

The IDF seized a freighter ship with dozens of tons of weaponry from Iran headed for Hamas in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday.

The ship, known as Victoria, was flying a Liberian flag, and was seized by the navy in the Mediterranean Sea, 200 miles off of Israel’s coast.

The Victoria was boarded by commandos from the Israeli Navy’s Flotilla 13, also known as the Shayetet, arrived in the Ashdod port on Tuesday evening. An initial inspection of the cargo revealed the ship was carrying weapons. The exact amount is to be determined.

The crew, questioned by the Navy Commando, was not aware that the cargo contained weaponry.

These are not the peace lovers you are looking for…… Move along.

Another totally isolated incident, unconnected to anything anywhere.

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UPDATE 10:30am Eastern US Time.

Iranian arms seized on way to Gaza by IDF.

Brigadier General Avi Bnayahu, the IDF spokesperson, said to Israel Army Radio “apparently we will find more evidence of the Iran, Syria, Hezbollah axis”.

The ship is German owned, French operated and sailed from Syria where those two Iranian ships were “training” last month.

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UPDATE — 1:00pm Eastern US Time.

The government has released photo evidence of deadly mortars and advanced made-in-Iran weapons intercepted by the Navy before they could reach Gaza via a boat that sailed from a Syrian port.

Video clip from IDF first……

OK, so the whole thing is a violation of several (completely worthless) UN resolutions.

How about we see some of the ‘violators’ start glowing in the dark ?

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