Hillary Clinton speaks on the Raymond Davis situation.

Wrap more duct tape around your head before reading further.

Trust me.

If you don’t know what went on with Mr. Raymond Davis in Pakistan, click here for the entire thing from day one through now.

Anyway…… We have this from today.

1. The first item comes from a major friend to Israel Survival Updates, the one and only Howie at the one and only Jawa Report:

Raymond Davis Is Free.

Multiple sources confirm he was charged, released and is now in or en route to London.

He was arrested in Pakistan after an incident in which he defended himself in an apparent robbery attempt on his life. Several people died in the incident. He was accused of murder and of being a CIA operative by Pakistan.

Today he was charged with murder, but by the end of the day an agreement was apparently struck for his freedom. Reports are that blood money was exchanged and he was freed.

2.  This second item I stumbled upon while looking for something else…… Hillary Clinton speaks on the Raymond Davis situation.

CAIRO (AP) – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is thanking Pakistan and the families of two men shot by a CIA contractor for allowing the American to go free Wednesday.

Clinton told reporters that the families of the dead men “pardoned” CIA security contractor Raymond Davis and that Davis has left Pakistan. He was arrested there after he killed the pair he said had tried to rob him.

Clinton called the men “victims” of the Jan. 27 incident. She said the U.S. did not pay to win Davis’ release, but she didn’t dispute that the men’s families were compensated. The amount and source of money paid to the families is not yet completely clear.

Speaking out of all ten corners of her mouth, playing all fifty sides of the fence, except there’s not one nano-micron of an iota in sticking up for America, Americans and any ki………


I gotta go calm down.


That was early this morning – breakfast time, Eastern US and I ran that up at the link all the way up top on this column.  It’s taken me all this time to ‘de-stress’ – well over 16 hours.

Thing is, the commentary I offered regarding the esteemed United States Secretary Of State is part of the new tone and civility compared to what I was actually venting like a ‘typical bitter clinger’ at the time.


Now then……

The scenario of what should have taken place had America currently been blessed with a real president/C-in-C and an administration standing for the nation and her people:

Phone rings at 1600………

… … … … … …

White House, how can we help you ?

Infidel, listen to me.  We have your Raymond Davis in custody for shooting two of the most peace-loving peace lovers to ever love peace.  His Great Satan government ID  number is………

Who is this ?


Hold for a moment please.  It may take a few minutes to get ‘someone’ on the line who can actually assist you.

Very well infidel, make it quick.

… … … About a  three or four minute pause… … …

This is the president.  Talk to me.

We have your Raymond Davis in custody for shooting two of the most peace-loving peace lovers to ever love peace.

I heard.  I also called the embassy there.  You know what happened in that incident on the street and so do I.  The American people just found out, because my office is letting them know through every media outlet in the nation.  I’ll ask nicely, so we can avoid any ‘difficulties’:  Please release Mr. Davis to the custody of our embassy in Islamabad.

Infidel, we will not do any such thing.  He is a spy and will be tried for anything and everything we choose to try him for, including the deaths of two of the most peace-loving peace lovers to ever love peace.

I’ll ask one more time nicely.  Please release Mr. Davis to the custody of our embassy in Islamabad.


OK, no problem.  Hold on for about ten seconds please… … … … … … I’m back, are you there ?


One more chance.  Release Mr. Davis to the custody of our embassy, or there will be those aforementioned ‘difficulties’.

The Great Satan cannot tell us what to do.  The Spy Davis will never see his home again.

Very well.  Hold on for another ten seconds please… … … … … … I’m back again, are you still there ?


Good.  Please look to your south – towards the harbor.

Why do you want me to look…… towards…………the…………… Tally-Ho Snackbar !!!…… Infidel !!!… What did you do !?!?!

Your harbor was just visited by twenty-five standard conventional Tomahawk cruise missiles.  We have many more missiles, including ‘special ones’, than you have harbors and cities.   I’ll ask again nicely…… Please release Mr. Davis to the custody of our embassy.


Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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