Duct Tape ’round the head time.

There’s also a gen-u-wine ‘git-r-done’ killa-dilla news item.

Each of the following links go to my other home on the interwebby thing, The American Survival Guide (Link to the site is the logo on the right column here at I.S.I.)

Warning:  I get ‘a tad edgy’ in some of the commentary.

US regulators to review reactor safety.

Jo maing, bere choo get dem gunz maing ?…… Frum da gringo gubbermeent.

Minneapolis MN — Natural Gas Line Explodes.

Ohhhh……klahoma where illegals will be deported on some planes.

……and the as-promised gen-u-wine ‘git-r-done’ killa-dilla thang:

Courtesy of Michelle Malkin, there’s news of an elementary school closing in New Jersey. But it’s not just any old run-of-the-mill elementary school.

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