Need something extra to carry through the weekend and beyond ?

Here’s a “nudge” to get you to the range ‘stress-relief center’.

Read this.

Link and article courtesy of Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit.

Re-writing The Bible to be ‘gender neutral’ indeed……

Word has it that they’re going to replace “He”, “Him”, “The Father”, “Lord”, “The Almighty”, “God” and other terms with any and all of the following:

‘The supposed entity which has never and cannot be proven to exist beyond typically bitter clinging imagery.”

“The not-possible invisible thing in the sky.”

“A Bush-caused disaster.”

Overtly Blessed And Mandated Authority.”

— — — — —

Kenny Solomon
See ya at the range ‘stress-relief center’.

Hope…… The new KelTec shotgun should be hitting the market next month.
Change…… NRA Instructor certification proceeding nicely.  Will work for myself now, not others.

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