Egypt says to Syria: ‘Hey, let’s meet for dinner and talk about the great times we’re gonna have together’.

You had to know this was coming.

Simply had to.

Egypt’s temporary military rulers sent a delegation to Syria on Thursday to meet with President Bashar al-Assad. Egyptian General Murad Mohammed Muafi and Assad agreed to boost cooperation between the two countries, according to Syria’s SANA news agency.

Assad sent his greetings to the new Egyptian government shortly after Mubarak’s overthrow, wishing them success and expressing readiness to “cooperate with Cairo.” His support for Mubarak’s replacements came despite the fact that Assad too faces the prospect of an ouster from power. Syrian activists have begun holding “Day of Rage” protests similar to those that led to the overthrow of long-term leaders in Tunisia and Egypt.

While Assad and Muafi agreed to boost “cooperation and coordination” between their countries, they did not say what form that cooperation would take. Previously, Egypt has cooperated with Syria in allowing pro-Hamas convoys into Gaza.

No, it’s not The Muslim Brotherhood legally taking over every single Muslim nation by the use of these ‘days of rage’, or ‘protests’, or anything else.

It’s only diplomatic vis……… um……… There are only a few of the real cra……… er……… Doesn’t everyone see the true desire, want and need forThe Middle East to…………

It’s The Muslim Brotherhood legally taking over every Muslim nation by ‘free and fair elections’ through the use of these ‘days of rage’, and ‘protests’ to get every single leader currently in place to ‘work with the people’, leave on their own, or be removed in a not-so-pleasant manner.

Anybody else seeing the pattern ?

Egypt and Syria sitting in a tree, P-L-O-TT-I-N-G.
First comes bombs,
Then comes rockets,
Then comes the Jihad on Israel from all sides.

If the administration here in America sees it, there’s a real possibility they condone it, might even be part of it and are looking the other way under orders.

It’s a wonder that NATO and The UN will allow our military to put on a small dog-and-pony show as a limp-muscle-flexer.

Oh right…… I’m sounding way too typically bitter and clinging.

Plus, I keep forgetting that “It can’t happen here”.

— — — — —

Kenny Solomon
I.S.U. & T.A.S.G.

Cross-posted at T.A.S.G.

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