Tampa Florida — A dispute over funds results in…… in…… in…… W T F ?!?!?

An American judge – apparently some sort of a lunatic – has ordered American Muslims to follow Shari’a Law against their will.

Click here for the details at RedCounty.com “This case will proceed under Ecclesiastical Islamic law, pursuant to the Qur’an.”

The Honorable Richard A. Nielsen.

Circuit Court Judge
Thirteenth Judicial Circuit
800 East Twiggs Street
Tampa, Florida 33602

The ruling: In The Circuit Court Of The Thirteenth Judicial Circuit In And For Hillsborough County, Florida Civil Division — Case No. 08-03497 ; Division L.


Another case Justice Nielsen presided over a while back:

Without an attorney, boy falters before judge.
Kathryn Wexler
St. Petersburg Times, May 28, 2002

The 16-year-old boy sat before the Hillsborough County judge, asking for an attorney.  He didn’t understand what was going on, he kept saying.

Juan Carlos Elias was in the middle of a restitution hearing.  He had pleaded guilty to stealing one car and burglarizing another. Reimbursing the victim was the issue at hand now.

But Elias said he didn’t know what restitution meant.  His frustrated mother repeatedly rose from the first row, instructing her son in Spanish.  Judge Richard Nielsen, relatively new to the bench, had her tossed out of his courtroom.

It can’t happen here.

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Kenny Solomon

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  1. Saw that yesterday. Won’t hold.

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