Nothing to see here – Syria opens fire on ‘protesters’.

Thousands of Syrians demanded an end to 48 years of emergency law on Saturday, a third straight day of protests emerging as the biggest challenge to Syria’s rulers since unrest swept the Arab world this year.

“No, No to emergency law. We are a people infatuated with freedom,” marchers chanted as a government delegation arrived in the southern town of Deraa to pay condolences for victims killed by security forces in demonstrations there this week.

Local human rights activists said security forces used live fire and fired tear gas at the protesters, injuring more than 60 people.


Protesters wounded during Syria funeral.

Mourners burying two people killed during anti-government protests attacked by security forces in southern city of Daraa; several wounded.

Somebody’s gotta explain why all sorts of peace lovers are showing other peace lovers how to love peace in such an overt manner.

Oh wait…… I just realized why this is going on.

Even though there’s only one set of peace-loving laws and rules, some peace lovers think other peace lovers aren’t peace-loving enough and are simply giving lessons in how to love peace more effectively.


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