The Muslim Students Association Pledge Of Allegiance.

At least they’re out in the open.

Just in case you didn’t catch the audio, we here at I.S.U. strive to provide the most accurate reportage anywhere on the wonderful world-wide dot interwebby thing……

[Muslims] pledge allegiance to the goats and sheep of the fifty-seven states of pedophilia and to the 12th Imam for which [they] go arse up, one Caliphate, impenetrable by infidels, without any liberty and including extreme justice for all…… PBUH…… Tally-Ho Snackbar !

— — — — —

Kenny Solomon
I.S.U. and T.A.S.G.

Senior Expediter
The 72 Virgins Club Travel Agency
Offices throughout America in all 57 states.

Video courtesy of Pajamas-TV.

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