At what point does Israel say ‘enough’ and act ?

I’ll keep it short, as this is a topic which can easily get dangerous.

In a great conversation last evening with someone on Twitter, the topic of Israel’s defense of her existence arose.  Specifically from me, the questions of why hasn’t Israel done ‘something’ already and more to the point, why does Israel continue to provide aid to Gaza ?

The responses from a recently ‘followed and following’ friend in Israel are things that I fully agree on —Israel and Jews are not savages, genocidal maniacs, or “modern barbarians“.  As a people, we want to live in peace, but when pushed, we will defend ourselves with whatever is necessary to secure that peace.

The difference I put forth in our talk, is that push has gone past shove.

Ponder this from our conversation (Not quoted due to Twitter grammar condensing)……

My friend says, the situation is complicated, being watched carefully and they have to move carefully to be successful.

Me:  War is not complicated – It’s horrendous to happen and I don’t want it.  But we’re in it and there are two objectives in war: Eliminate the enemy and take no k.i.a./casualties on our own side.

Israel MUST be awakened to understand pure evil is massing forces at the gates and that being proactive is the only way to ensure survival of our people and freedom.

Checking trucks going to and from Gaza at border crossing won’t stop the madness.  Nor will giving aid to this enemy ‘nation’.

I’ll leave it at that.

By the way, the conversation was in the open and not through direct messages.

Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates

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