Hugo, Hugo, Hugo……

Su madre le dejó caer en su cabeza un tiempos de sobra.

(Reuters) – Capitalism may be to blame for the lack of life on the planet Mars, Venezuela’s socialist President Hugo Chavez said on Tuesday.

“I have always heard it said that it would not be strange that there had been civilization on Mars, but maybe capitalism arrived there, imperialism arrived and finished off the planet,” Chavez said in speech to mark World Water Day.

“Aquí está su signo.”

Hugo ha ido excremento de bate loco como Ron Paul y Alex Jones.

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PS…… On a very serious note, World Water Day is an ICLEI / UN thing.

Fight them hard, fast and cold. They MUST be stopped or individual freedom and choices for normal items and processes in your day to day existence will quickly become subject to massive levels of government-mandated ‘Green Totalitarianism’.

— — — — —

Kenny Solomon
Supervivencia De Israel Actualizaciones
Típico, amargo, ladrar Dios-Adherindo, propietario del fusil y partidario loco furioso de NASCAR.


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