IDF Homefront Command – Colonel Eitan Yitzchak: “We are not in a time of war.”

‘Scuse me ?

“We are in an unstable period that requires special preparations on the home front in order to maintain routine life.”


As rocket fire and mortar shells slam into Israel’s southern communities at an increasing pace, the IDF insists Israelis should pretend there is no war.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ?

Col. Yitzchak (pictured below, left) emphasized that the Home Front Command would act to “maintain routine life” and determined that “we are not in a time of war.”

Ever since he was a young boy,
He played with maps on a wall.
From Jaffa down to Hebron,
He must have played them all.
We ain’t seen nothin’ like him, in any IDF hall.
That deaf dumb and blind Colonel says:
“We are not in a time of war.”

Separated At Birth:

Col. Yitzchak, with all due respect Sir, it may be an idea to attempt waking from whatever artificially-induced sleep you’re in, have a few gallons of coffee and take a look through the closest window.

— — — — —

Kenny Solomon
Senior Expediter
The 72 Virgins Club Travel Agency
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Bacon….. What’ the well-dressed round of ammunition wears out on the town.

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2 Responses to IDF Homefront Command – Colonel Eitan Yitzchak: “We are not in a time of war.”

  1. Sort of like the weather man saying it’s a beautiful day when it’s pouring rain. Sometimes I’ve even called the stations to please tell them to look out the window.

  2. Aussie Bloke! says:

    I think if you ignore it long enough it will just go away so you don’t have to do anything about it,…

    A rather childish outlook if you ask me!

    Get a dose of reality Col. Yitzchak!

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