MK Danon: “J Street is pro-Palestinian. It’s not a pro-Israeli organization.”

‘Bout dang time somebody in a position of power said it.

If this is the first time you’re hearing of Israeli Knesset Minister Danny Danon, get out the lawn chair, grab a glass of iced tea and maybe a bowl of popcorn.

Here’s some video from Israel National News……

That one minute presentation is from the following article at INN:

MK Danon: If J Street Fights Israel, We’ll Fight Back.

“The committee’s conclusion is very loud and clear,” committee chair MK Danny Danon told Israel National News. “You cannot be pro-Israel if you work against the interests of the State of Israel.”

For a much clearer picture on the pure evil that is J-Street, please read the entire article and all associated links it contains.

A quick note:   In case you have any questions regarding the right-left structure in Israel, the attendees of the J-Street event mentioned in the article are members of Kadima and Labor.  Think of those political parties as The NY Times and MSNBC respectively.

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