Why We Love NASCAR, Part 29,548,672.

Ronald Reagan Centennial Celebration on the 33 at Fontana.

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation’s Centennial Celebration and The Childress Institute For Pediatric Trauma will be the primary sponsors of Richard Childress Racing’s #33 Chevy that Clint Bowyer will drive in the Auto Club 400 at Auto Club Speedway.

The Ronald Reagan Centennial is a historic, year-long celebration to commemorate the 100th birthday of the 40th President of the United States of America. A series of substantive and celebratory events, partnerships and initiatives sponsored by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation are planned throughout 2011.

Future announcements including a second phase of RCR’s involvement with the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Mike Curb will be forthcoming.

Yeah buddy. 😀

Above article at Jayski (ESPN).

Additional photos added as available, but we’ll start with history:

'Tis But A Moment In Time

(L->R) - Ned Jarrett, Ronaldus Maximus, Richard Petty, Mike Curb

Above photo courtesy of Motorsportretro.com


The Richard Childress Racing #33 Chevy driven by Clint Bowyer and featuring The Ronald Reagan Centenial and The Childress Pediatric Institute.

Click on the ’33’ image to enlarge.

Richard Childress Racing --- The Ronald Reagan Centennial Chevy driven by Clint Bowyer in the Auto Club 400, March 27th 2011. Photo courtesy of Jayski.com.

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