UPDATED — ‘Operation White People With Guns’ CANCELED.

Yeah buddy !

Scroll down, you’ll see the update.

H/T to Carol Greenberg of Conservative Outlooks.

Original column first, nothing altered.


Are you a typical bitter God-clingin’ gun ownin’ crakka mofo too ?

Well then, you’re officially an operational target of The Obama Administration’s Department Of Homeland Security along with the government of Pottawattamie County Iowa and they’re rehearsing your takedown.


No kiddin’.

Give this a read: Iowa’s Pottawattamie county and DHS stage anti-terror drill vs. typical bitter clinging white people with evil scary-looking guns.

The official document, a 41-page PDF, is linked here.

‘Closed Campus’ – A full-scale exercise of The Pottawattamie County Emergency Management Agency under The Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP).

From the document’s ‘General Information’ section, ‘Exercise Scenario’:

The economic migration of minority residents, both legal and non-legal into Pottawattamie County Communities has sparked controversy regarding national immigration policies as well as racial tensions with a few embedded, typically silent, white supremacy affiliates. This tension has sparked public demonstrations, propelled city and state illegal immigrant legislation proposals and the law enforcement community has seen an increase in incidents of racially motivated crimes and incidents.


I wonder if they’re gonna go the rout………


They did.

The ‘suspects’ are both white males, one connected white supremacy groups and “Suspect 1” an 18-year-old who’s family are all a bunch of gun nuts……

……has access to a significant cache of firearms, ammunition and materials suitable to make improvised explosive devices.”

Whereas ‘Suspect 2’ is a tad different, in that he’s been picked on quite a bit and he……

……has befriended Suspect 1 within the past year. His attitude has began to migrate from quiet meekness to antisocial aggressiveness with changes in appearance, hair style and clothing style that mimics that of his new friend and quasi-protector.

Weeeeeellllll, isn’t that just special ?!?!?

I wonder who would have dreamed up that scenario ?

Could it be…… SatanObamaSunsteinHolderNapolitanoSoros ?!?!?

From the document’s ‘Appendix C – Weapons Policy’ section:

Exercise planners and controllers plan for and promulgate control measures with regard to weapons, whether introduced as a simulated device during exercise play or used by law enforcement officers in their normal scope of duties. For the purpose of this policy, a weapon includes all firearms; knives; less-than-lethal weapons, tools, and devices; and any other object capable of causing bodily harm.

Pray tell, does the designation “any other object capable of causing bodily harm” include pencils, keys, chairs, books, broom handles and other normal everyday run-of-the-mill things many of us are trained to use as weapons and defense items ?

Lemme tell ya sumptin’…… Y’all g’wan ‘hed ‘n start a-readin’ that thar doc-kew-meant thang uppen that linky deal at the top and y’all gonna see names, places ‘n all sorts o’ pretty piktshurs on what they all a-be doin’ in this heah ‘exercise’.

As fer me, eyez a-gonna head out to the local toy store ‘n see what’n theyz gots new ‘n real scary-lookin’ like ‘n buy it juss ‘cuz it’s the thang ta do ’bout now.

Y’all be good now, ya heah ?


Update – 27 March 2011.

CANCELED – “Operation White People With Guns”.

It’s off due to pressure from Americans.


Due to public indignation over the obvious political agenda of the “anti-terror” exercise, local organizers decided to cancel the event. The official response to charges of a carefully crafted political bias in the scenario was predictable.

“In no way has our office or any other response agencies favored a political view or issue. Our only intent was to prepare for a worst-case scenario to build our capacity for such an event and to test any gaps in our response system,” county officials said.

Event organizers and local officials have been busy smearing patriotic groups and individuals who expressed their displeasure over the chosen scenario and are claiming that (unsubstantiated) threats have been made.


Kenny Solomon
Tip-o-kal bittah wyte God-fearin’ kkklinigin’ gun-ownin’, NASCAR-luvin’ antee-everythang-diffrunt-than-me crakkka mofo in South Flori-duh.

Oh yeah…… Almost forgot something:

MOLON LABE ya damn Leftist Totalitarian Jihadists !

Molon Labe.

— — — — —

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Thanks to Civil Truth at Unified Patriots for the tip off on the ‘exercise’.

2 Responses to UPDATED — ‘Operation White People With Guns’ CANCELED.

  1. civil truth says:

    Actually I think the real target here is the general public, and secondarily DHS planning for the first whiff of violence from someone distantly connected with the right.

    • EastBayLarry says:

      Yes, of if not actually connected, at least somebody that a lie about a connection might stick to.

      I hope we scared ’em Kenny!

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