The Responsibility To Protect.

This is NOT a new ‘buzz term’ being floated.

This column is dedicated to Ms. Carol Greenberg of Conservative Outlooks, who is partly responsible for the existence of Israel Survival Updates as a website and is a true mentor to me as a budding writer.

A second dedication goes to the charter members and founders of Unified Patriots. The Few, The Proud, The Banned.

There’s a third dedication and that’s to…… It’ll probably be apparent as you read through this column.

So then……

Do you understand the term “Responsibility To Protect” ?

That seems to be the new buzz-term around and about, yes ?

Thing is, it’s not new and a few people around our side of the interweb have been trying to have you notice it for quite a while.

For ages, I’ve said something regarding all that’s going on, seemingly benign, isolated from anything else and appearing to be disconnected from other events:

Think ‘big picture’…… No…… Bigger…… NO…… BIGGER.

There’s a global organization I was screaming about during my time at a website I now call “Ban Central” – and was talking about them long before I was a member of said Kraken-influenced place.  If you know me from those “Ban Central” days and the columns called ‘Israel Survival Updates’, you may suddenly remember my other main targets after seeing the names here.

The International Coalition For The Responsibility To Protect, or ICR2P.

Together with their sister organization The International Council For Local Environmental Initiatives a.k.a. ICLEI, they form, for all intensive purposes, the operational end of something known as UN Agenda 21.

Obama’s a cog in the gearing. Cass Sunstein’s long bought in lock stock and barrel and ‘up there’ in the food chain. So are Hillary and her ‘senior counsel’ Harold Koh, plus all sorts of CongressCritters™ and their senior aides, Governors, County Commissions, Mayors, City Councils and much much more…… The names read as ‘the usual suspects’ and you’d be spot on about 99% of the time in creating your own list with your local, county and state folks in positions of power, many of them trying to hide deep in the shadows.

There’s also another person you might remember hearing about from me and a few other people who’s been in the news the past few days, Samantha (Mrs. ‘Nudge’ Sunstein) Power – who has long called for The US to attack Israel and finish it.

Note…… For a retrospective of Ms. Power, please click on this link to Pamela Geller’s ‘Atlas Shrugs’. Pamela is a true fighter for Israel and America and like so many of us, has been taken to the woodshed by people supposedly on our side just as much as The Left tends to do.

I’ve been onto these Totalitarian one-worlders in IR2P and ICLEI for almost two decades.  During the short time – a bit over two years – I was at “Ban Central”, I posted tons about them and pretty much the most complimentary note I was accorded in replies and commentary was “Take off the tin foil hat”.

However, lo and behold, there was this one shining light.  Someone else who knew.  Another big-picture looker-atter…… Veronica Estrada.

Veronica also went highly public and wrote about much of what I was on, but did so in a far superior and much deeper-researched manner than I was able.   There was  one particularly intense “Ban Central” diary column that Veronica simply entitled “Calm”.   If I remember right, I left one or two comments there in support along with added documentation emphasizing several of her well-made points.

I believe it was nationally for folks on our side of the aisle, that it was Veronica who first made the discovery of an F.O.I.A. document from The CIA called “Global Governance 2025”.

Then, there came along a second person.  Someone who ended up becoming  – by sheer chance – literally my mentor in writing.  The lovely and gracious Carol Greenberg of Conservative Outllooks, who is performing a mighty task for freedom in exposing what The Obama Administration is doing in concert with and adjacent to George Soros, along with some of the other most evil Totalitarians breathing the air of free people.

……and for Carol’s troubles, that led to “Ban Central” quite deservedly being handed that moniker by yours truly, which is when I decided – as one of the ‘Ban Central” members who was not banned – to begin Israel Survival Updates as it’s own entity.

I accept full responsibility for content at this website and stand by my opinions now, in the past and going forward.

Before I close this missive, here’s something to make you really think: In going for their ‘brass ring’, ICR2P, ICLEI and The Totalitarians have not considered and still are not taking into account in any serious manner, the peace lovers and what they’re doing to grab their own ‘brass ring’.

Really. They’re not.

So if y’all don’t mind me doing this just once as a ‘shout out’ to those in that third and still-unmentioned dedication group……


And no…… I’m not gonna “quit it with the Muslims” either, unless each and every one of ’em on the planet “quit it” trying to exterminate Jews, Americans and the western world.

Now y’all do me a favor. Yes, you. You made it this far, so keep going.

When you see a news item, witness an ‘odd’ event in person or in media,or see some new and seemingly ‘strange’ regulation where you live – something that you might think will have nothing to do with anything else – just another isolated incident, unconnected to anything anywhere……

Think ‘big picture’…… No…… Bigger…… NO…… BIGGER.

=== === === === ===

22 August 2011

An update of sorts, but not regarding ICR2P or ICLEI.

Presenting a missive from the one and only Mr. Vassar Bushmills of The Sands Institute regarding ‘Ban Central Station’, the direction it’s taken today and why we are who we are, deterred by no mortal in defense of freedom, Rights and truth.

Picking At Scabs On The Ship Of Fools.

Please read Mr. B’s entire column, plus all reader commentary, as many of those opining were directly affected by events at Ban Central Station.

Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates
The American Survival Guide

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7 Responses to The Responsibility To Protect.

  1. Art Chance says:

    Good piece, Kenny. ‘Course you know we’re all just paranoid and delusional about all this. Back to cleaning my guns now.

  2. Wow, Kenny. Thanks so much. Words can’t describe how this makes me feel. Right back at you.

  3. civil truth says:

    You’ve given tribute to some wonderful people here, Kenny. What will sink our nation – and even Western civilization if it comes to that – is willful blindness to what is going on outside our navels, whose close cousins are entitlement and complacency regarding our individual freedoms and hubris that everyone else in the world is like us.

    And you’re correct: the secular collectivists (what you’re calling the Totalitarians) arrogantly believe that religion as a political force is passé and that they can remake the world in their image. They and their fellow-travelers (and the acquiescent) in for a huge shock when they discover that the barbarians are not a relic of the past.

    • civil truth says:

      Didn’t mean to sound quite so gloomy – I was trying to say that if things go down the tube, the reasons at root would be the above: that’s a trajectory we’re headed. On the other side, though there are many folks – even a majority I think – who still value what made our nation and our civilization great who will stand in the way. But we’ve got hard times ahead one way or the other.

      But in the end, if we fall, it will not be some conspiracy alone that brings us down. Rather is would be the age-old convergence of self-interest and self-deception – and that convergence will catch the would-be conspirators in its nets as well because they really aren’t in control as they think they are.

      So let’s not give attribute to them more power than they actually have. That can be as self-defeating – actually even more self-defeating – than underestimating. Their delusions are not something we should buy into.

  4. taxmaiden says:

    Good article, Kenny. I’m glad to finally see more people accepting this as fact. I have been talking about this since the 70’s when it was first shown to me and I’m tired of being called crazy. At least now Soros, et al, are so brazen and arrogant about their plans, they aren’t even trying that hard to hide it anymore. (see

  5. Worried Senior says:

    Your worldwide news is more up-to-date than Fox and Cnn. Scares me.
    If everyone will make these facts known to two other people, we will have a chance to slowly climb out of this cess pool. I recommend your website to at leasst two people everyday. I just hope we have time to vote the present administration OUT………

  6. “Ban Central”. Heh.

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