Hamas ‘security’ forces peacefully raid CNN and Reuters offices in Gaza….. Beat and taser female reporters.

These folks are the Obama administration’s peace partners…… All of ’em…… Hamas, CNN, Reuters and the rest of the leftist media, which are the only ones allowed to be in Gaza.

Seemingly overnight sometime in mid-January 2009, Hamas became such a great peace partner, that two months later, Obama gave Hamas damn near a billion dollars from the taxpayers of America and Hillary was the one who cheerfully let it be known.

Which of course helps Hamas love peace like no other peace lovers.

A number of Palestinian women journalists complained on Sunday that they had been beaten and tortured by Hamas security forces in the Gaza Strip.

They said the assaults occurred in recent days when they and their colleagues tried to cover pro-unity rallies in different parts of the Gaza Strip.

The Hamas government last week apologized for the attacks on some of the journalists and promised to launch an investigation. The apology came during a meeting between representatives of the journalists and the Hamas Interior Minister.

Tasers, stabbing, whacking ladies with chairs…… All in a day’s work for Muslims behaving normally in search of properly loving peace according to their book.  Just like what’s going on in Syria right now with their government so in love with peace, they have to communicate it to their citizens at several thousand feet-per-second using lead from brass containers.

Doesn’t all that make you kind of wonder what the administration here has in store for the media and individuals?   But not all media and individuals.   Only the part of the media and other people who might not exactly be in line with the administration’s goal to “fundamentally transform America“.

You’re right…… ‘It can’t happen here’.

Neither can electing a Marxist Jihadi to be The Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces of The United States.

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Kenny Solomon
I.S.U. and T.A.S.G.

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One Response to Hamas ‘security’ forces peacefully raid CNN and Reuters offices in Gaza….. Beat and taser female reporters.

  1. Sounds like the typical religion of peace activities.

    I’m waiting for the Ministry of Truth, er, the media, to report this.

    Still waiting….

    Still waiting…

    Still waiting….

    Yeah. You know how it goes.

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