Hope and change is coming to Israel.

Is everybody’s birth certificate on the up and up ?

Opposition Leader Tzipi Livni called on Sunday for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to form a coalition with Kadima.

Speaking in Las Vegas to The Rabbinical Assembly, the international body of 1,600 Conservative rabbis, Livni said: “If the biggest parties in Israel, Kadima and Likud, would work together, we could change the reality in Israel.”

Does that include fundamentally transforming Israel ?

Just so you know, normal Jews don’t simply “nudge“.  We use life-lessons from our mothers to guilt people into doing things.

Definitely looking forward to seeing Ms. Livini riding her magic prayer rug matzoh ball searching for the rainbow-colored unicorn Kosher chicken that’s belching pixie dust candied fruit slices while soaring over clouds of ‘Coexist’ “Stop with the kicking !” bumper stickers.

That article should have begun with big bold block lettering: ‘Lunatic leftist and J-Street footstool Tzipi Livini……’

Ms. Livini, ma’am, “the reality in Israel” happens to be a group of about 1.5 billion peace-loving Muslims world-wide want every Jew dead and Israel wiped off the map and are working toward that goal…… To make things ‘more gooder’, they have in their hip pockets, the assistance of assorted anti-Semites, self-hating Jews and other liberal and leftist schmucks like yourself moving things along in words and deeds.

PS:  Coalitions are the result of an absence of leadership.

Go spit up a rope…… Ma’am.

Vous avez fait votre choix.  L’excrément frappera le ventilateur bientôt.

Kenny Solomon
Le fusil-propriétaire Juif, amer et typique qui Dieu-accrochant.

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