The bill is expected to incur the wrath of international left-wing and human rights organizations.

Good. They can all go spit up a rope.

Especially J-Street and anything UN-connected.

New bill takes aim at leftist groups.

……any organization petitioning the High Court will have to present the court with a list of all donations and funds it has received in the past three years. The organization will have to outline the identity of the donor as well as the sum and aim of the funds.

That’s the good news.

Here’s the bad and thanks to the left-wing media, this is the first we’re hearing of it……

The new bill follows a failed proposal also offered up by Danon, which suggested the establishment of inquiry committees to probe the funding of left-wing organizations in Israel by foreign entities. The Knesset rejected this bill after it angered the groups that were to be probed.

In other words, that stellar example of humanity (George Soros) and his merry band of anti-Semites, self-hating Jews and typical bitter clinging Moose Limb lovers threw some weight around -and more than likely a decent chunk of shekels – to put the kabosh on the planned investigation into their daily tactics of throwing some weight around – and more than likely a decent chunk of shekels – to take down Israel and enable a genocide of The Jewish People.

That ‘failed proposal’ was discussed here at I.S.U. within the following column dated 24 March 2011:  MK Danon: “J Street is pro-Palestinian. It’s not a pro-Israeli organization.”

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