Hamas invites Abbas to Gaza…… and threatens to kill him if he shows up.

This is what happens if a person is not Muslim enough, or the wrong type of Muslim.

Hamas, which recently invited Palestinian Authority chief and Fatah terror movement head Mahmoud Abbas to visit Gaza, is now threatening to harm him if he accepts the invitation.

According to the Bethlehem-based Maan news agency, Gaza “security forces” handed in a “secret report” about the planned visit to Ismail Haniyeh, who rules Gaza on behalf of Hamas. The report says that the personal safety of Abbas cannot be guaranteed, should he enter Gaza.

This is a somewhat surprising development, seeing as it was Haniyeh who invited Abbas to visit in the first place.

Wait… I thought Abbas would give up US aid to reconcile with Hamas ?

They’re now taking the terms ‘Infidel’ and ‘Taqiya’ to whole new levels…… and moving against their own for not being the ‘proper type’ of peace lover.

Maybe we should start calling ’em ‘typical bitter Muslim people clinging to their Allah and their guns’.

Kenny Solomon
I.S.U. & T.A.S.G.

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