Colombia says to The Palestinian Authority: ‘Go spit up a rope’.

Colombia refuses to recognize The Palestinian Authority as a nation, or sovereign, or anything else it does unilaterally.

Muchas gracias Colombia.

Colombia has not joined the parade of Latin American nations that have recognized the Palestinian Authority as a sovereign country over the past year.

President Juan Manuel Santos Calderon informed the World Jewish Congress on Wednesday that as a “matter of principle,” his government would not recognize any unilateral declaration of statehood by the PA.

Imagine that…… A nation’s leader standing up for principle.

Consígalo hecho (Git-R-Done !).

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6 Responses to Colombia says to The Palestinian Authority: ‘Go spit up a rope’.

  1. AJW says:

    Muchas gracias, Colombia! I think I’ll have a fine cup of your delicious coffee to celebrate!

  2. RickZ says:

    Your headline should be Colombia, not Columbia.

    • kennysolomon says:

      Muchas gracias, mi amigo… Yo teng……. Oops, sorry. I was practicing for the upcoming amnesty there.

      Seriously though, RickZ, thanks. I posted the column at 7:30am, awake literally for five minutes, no coffee, etc. Not much commentary as I just wanted to get it out there.

      Truthfully, I’m surprised that was my only “kinetic grammatical action error”. 😉

      • RickZ says:

        Just wanted to add this story, to make you feel somewhat better.

        I went to see the USA play Colombia in 1995 at Rutgers (Nil-Nil draw with the US winning a little tournament on points). My ticket read ‘USA vs Columbia’. Whoever programmed the computer for that game had no such caffeine deprivation excuse.

  3. Chisum says:


    Great site! You should send a link to Jim Hoft. Get him to add you to his blog roll.

  4. luchadora41 says:

    I am so proud of Colombia for standing up for beloved Israel! Who would have thought? I’m going back to Twitter and support Colombia for supporting Israel. Btw, Kenny, I love your background and site! Shalom. 🙂

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