Kuwait — Uh Oh.

The one nation in all of Muslimland that can be considered somewhat stable, somewhat rea…… Oops.

On Tuesday, the Kuwaiti cabinet resigned in the face of an allegedly “aggressive” parliament that asked to question three ministers.

Just one week ago, the Kuwaiti cabinet had praised United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973, which imposed a no-fly zone over Libya in an effort to block military air strikes by dictator Muammar Qaddafi loyalists against opposition forces.

The Islamist Ummah Party has called for “legalizing political parties, approving political pluralism and peaceful rotation of power, and the principle of elected government.”

Um…… How do I say this…… Er…… Oh yeah.

The Islamist Ummah Party is The Muslim Brotherhood.

See how easy it gets when somebody’s been looking at events and patterns for decades and trying to get people to listen even a little ?

We now return to your regularly scheduled mainstream media and an amazing voyage into who knows what they’ll cover, as long as they can blame it on the three-headed hate-cave dwelling monster know as BushBeckPalin and all Tea-Partying Conservatives.

Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates
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Much more than simply typically bitter and clinging to God and several very scary-looking evil guns while watching my favorite rednecks makin’ left turns at 200 mph – Boogidee boogidee boogidee !

I’d better have some decaf.

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