Half of American Latinos believe U.S. is too supportive of Israel.

Being one of Teh Eeeeevil Jooooooooooos, I could never report on this in even a remotely serious manner. Kinda. Maybe. Sorta.

The snark shall flow !

Note:   If you’re easily offended, DO NOT read further.   Apologies are not forthcoming.

But first, the news:

A new national survey finds more than half of America’s Jews and Latinos believe anti-Semitism exists within the Latino community.

The study, commissioned by The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding (www.ffeu.org) and conducted by Latin Insights, also finds nearly half of all Latinos believe US foreign policy is too supportive of Israel.

Jo maing, badda choo loco en la cabeza ?   Eet no haff. Eet awl uff uss.

Teh Juice make nice to da gringos, y da gringos geef Teh Juice gunz ‘n stuff to make wahh weet owr frents da pees lufferz.

Da gringos chuut geef dem gunz tuu uss heer een Mehckseeko anna bee gonna…… Que ?…… Da gringos am be geefeenk uss gunz ‘n stuff ?…… Choo no keedink me maing, jess ?…… Oh-lee-cheet maing ! Dat Oh-blamma doo da rite teenk !   Bee gotta axe da kweshtun doh…… Choo teenk aneebottie gonna fine owt ?

Oh maing, diss no guut.   Sumbottie fount owt.

Dat Oh-blamma betta doo batt hee say he gunna doo ‘n tayk awl da gunz ‘n stuff frum awl ‘Merikants orra deyz gunna bee trubbel.

Remember this:   If there’s always truth in humor, then there’s absolute and undeniable facts of life in snark.

— — — — —

Kenny Solomon
La Supervivencia De Israel Actualiza
La Guía Norteamericana De Supervivencia

Dios amargo típico que adhiere fusil propietario y ladrar partidario loco-loco de NASCAR.

Siga Israel Actualizaciones de Supervivencia En El Gorjeo.

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