What a great idea ! – Germany may employ a “Security Partnership” with Muslims.

Uh oh.

Just a few days ago, we met Mr. Yohannes Damka, an Israeli citizen passing through Germany and being subjected to much more than just “Juden ! Juden !!“.

Now, we meet Germany’s Interior Minister, Hans-Peter Friedrich.

At the Islam Conference in Berlin Tuesday, Friedrich ruffled feathers when he called for a “security partnership” between Muslim groups and German security agencies.

The Islam Conference was founded in 2006 by then-Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, with a goal of giving Muslims in Germany better political integration.

The second phase of the Islam Conference, which began last year, has been billed as being more practical in nature, with the aim of achieving concrete results. Some of the topics under discussion have included Islam as a religious subject in public schools, the prevention of radical forms of Islam, and equal rights between men and women.

Conference participants include representatives from the federal, local, and state governments, as well as from Muslim organizations and various Muslim individuals.

Oooooh, it’s so hopeychangey and ‘coexist’-laden, that it has to work !

Of course it will !!

Nothing can stop it from working exactly as planned.

Germany has already become and will accelerate being quite accommodating to Muslims, bending over backwards – if not bending over facing towards some half-buried black rock in the desert – and in return, Muslims will…… um…… Muslims will…… er……


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