UPDATED 4-19-11 — Crystal Mangum charged with first-degree murder.

She up ‘n done it.

Scroll down for the update.

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Who’s Crystal Mangum you ask ?

We’ll lacrosse that bridge when we come to it.

Around 3 a.m., officers responded to a stabbing at a home in the 3000 block of Century Oaks Drive.

When police arrived, they found a 47-year-old man stabbed in the chest.

A man who called 911 identified Mangum as the attacker.

“I told him she was trouble from the very beginning,” said the caller.

The stabbing victim – who police have not identified – suffered serious injuries and was taken to Duke University Hospital for treatment.

Oooooh, there’s another hint in that last line.

Still haven’t ID’d the fair maiden ?

How about a photo:

Recognize the lil’ lady ?

No ?

OK, one more hint – just two words – and you’ll be able to pinpoint this stellar example of societal evolution:

Duke Lacrosse.

Click on the link in the block quote. There’s video, audio and the rrrrrrrrrrrrrrest of the story.


Update 13 April 2011, approximately 10:45pm

I’ve got a feeling the charges against Ms. Mangum are going to be upgraded ‘a bit’.

Durham, N.C. — Family members of a man who was stabbed in his home April 3 say he died Wednesday evening.


Update 19 April 2011, approximately 7:55am

Duke lacrosse accuser charged with murder.

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – A murder charge against the woman who falsely accused three Duke lacrosse players of raping her is but the latest problem for a woman friends say is still haunted by the stigma of the lacrosse case.

Crystal Mangum, 32, was indicted Monday on a charge of first-degree murder and two counts of larceny. She has been in jail since April 3, when police charged her with assault in the stabbing of her boyfriend Reginald Daye, 46. He died after nearly two weeks at a hospital.

An attorney for Mangum did not return a call seeking comment. The district attorney’s office declined to discuss the case.

Friends said Mangum has never recovered from the stigma brought by the lacrosse case and has been involved in a string of questionable relationships in an attempt to provide stability for her children.

Good Lord, the media is trying to make you feel sorry for this…… this…… this…… mother.

Say good night, Gracie.

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Kenny Solomon
Typical bitter Jewish God-clinging gun-owning barking-mad-insane crackkka mo-fo’n NASCAR fan in South Flori-duh.

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One Response to UPDATED 4-19-11 — Crystal Mangum charged with first-degree murder.

  1. I heard about this on the news last night. That piece of trash should have been in jail a long time ago. As soon as it came out that she was lying about being raped, she should have been sent to jail.

    She about ruined the lives of several young men, and then she got away with it. I hope the judge throws the book at her.

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