They did lunch.

……and Israel’s President Shimon Peres did everything – maybe even including getting down on his knees – begging Obama to release that traitorous p.o.s. Jonathan Pollard and for Obama to get his Muslim buddies to release Gilad Shalit.

Guess what else was talked about.

Following their luncheon discussion, President Obama said that it is “more urgent than ever that we try to seize the opportunity to create a peaceful solution” between the PA and Israel.

President Obama has expressed deep respect for his Israeli counterpart, a longtime champion of talking with Arab enemies in order to reach the goal of peace.

President Peres once applauded the Israeli initiative to expel Jews from Gush Katif and clear the region of an Israeli military presence nearly six years ago, intended to halt Hamas violence. After Hamas missiles rained not only on southern Israel but also approached the southern tip of metropolitan Tel Aviv, Obama angrily said he could not understand why the terrorist organization continues to attack Israel.

To Israel’s President Peres: Sir, the time has come for you to retire and make room for a warrior in the chair. There’s a nation-sized razor millimeters above Israel and still the only thing you want to do is have a conversation with the barber and his apprentice ? ‘Suicidal’ doesn’t even remotely come close to a description.

To US President Obama: Mr. President, Sir, It is my humble opinion that you understand full-well the reasoning behind why some of the most evil pieces of human garbage ever put on this planet “continues to attack Israel“. So please stop lying and also discontinue hiding your complete disdain and animosity towards Israel and The Jewish People. Dishonesty is not a trait welcomed in The Oval Office.

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Reference:  Let’s do lunch.

Kenny Solomon
I.S.U. and T.A.S.G.

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  1. In your own vernacular Kenny, this makes me really “edgy.” Thanks for all you do.

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